Section LA – Engine 

  • LA1: Equivalent Engine Installation
  • LA2: Performance Engine Installation
  • LA3: Supercharger and Turbo Charger Installation
  • LA4: Engine Modifications

Section LB – Transmissions

  • LB1: Transmission Substitution
  • LB2: Rear Axle Substitution

Section LC – Vehicle Controls

More information on these modifications can be found in the QCOP

  • LC2: Dual-controls for Driver Trainer Vehicles (Modification)
  • LC4: Vehicle Controls for Persons with a Disability (Modification)

Section LG – Brakes

  • LG2: Brake System Conversion Section

Section LH – Body and Chassis

  • LH2: Roof Conversion
  • LH4: Modified Wheelbase Conversion
  • LH7: Body/Chassis Variants Conversion
  • LH11: Campervan, Motorhome Conversion Section

Section LK – Seating and Occupant Protection

  • LK1: Seat and Seatbelt Installation/Removal
  • LK6: Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
  • LK8: Construction and Installation of One-Off Roll-bars and Roll-cages by Individuals

Section LM – Fuel Systems

  • LM1: Fuel Tank Installation Section

Section LS – Tyres, Rims, Suspension and Steering

  • LS2: LHD Vehicle Steering Conversion
  • LS4: Front Suspension and Steering Modification
  • LS6: Rear Suspension Modification
  • LS10: High Lift – Up to 150mm Modification Certification (More information in the QCOP)
  • LS14: Re-rating of Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM)/Gross Trailer Mass (GTM) of a Light Trailer to Manufacturer’s Specifications (More information in the QCOP)

Section LT – Test Procedures

  • LT4: Noise Test

Section LX – TMR Individual Approval

  • LX1: Modification of Light Vehicles to TMR individual approval.


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