Do you need a Brakes, Steering And Suspension Check?

A Steering and Suspension Check leaves nothing to chance. The check covers all essential under-car componentry including bushes and assembly parts. A comprehensive written report shows the current status of all-vital brake, suspension and steering systems.

During the check, we will identify any immediate work required plus advise on when additional servicing should be carried out in the future.

A Brakes, Steering and Suspension Check is also recommended for:

Abnormal noises coming from front, rear and/or underneath the vehicle

Vibrations or shudders especially from steering wheel or brake pedal

Diminished brake performance and takes longer to stop

Feels generally loose, “floaty”, and not right

Braking unevenly – ie pulling to one side under brakes

Vehicles that are due for a routine under car inspection.

Brake pedal feels abnormally soft or hard

Uneven or excessive tyre wear

Excessive pulling to one side while driving

Steering wheel is off centre

Rough or harsh ride

Vehicles that carry excessive loads which places extra strain on components

Pre-towing or holiday/road trip inspection

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